What is a community fridge?

Community fridge is a concept and a place where everyone from the neighbourhood is welcome to share and /or collect food. The aim is to reduce food waste and support sustainable food culture. It is an easy way to take part in solving the global food waste issue while bringing people together.

This site has been created to share what was learned and developed during during the community fridge pilot project at Settlement House in Kallio, Helsinki (Finland). Our team of designers wants to share their knowledge and tools with you so that you could open your own community fridge in your own neighbourhood.

This project is non-profit and was funded by TAH foundation.

Want to run your own community fridge?

Our Community Fridge Info team is happy share our experiences on the topic based on the pilot project. We are looking for enthusiastic groups to test our starter-kit materials and workshop concept. Final materials are to be published by the end of this year. Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more about this project.

Let’s reduce food waste together!

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Are you interested in starting a community fridge? Our team of designers is happy share their knowledge and tools with you. Want to join our workshop?

Please contact us to discuss more!
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